Friday, February 8, 2008

Time travellers from the future "can appear in the coming weeks"

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In the coming weeks, the Earth may be the first time travelers arriving from the future.
Physicists around the world are looking forward to launching the Large Hadron Collider (BAC) at the cost of 4.65 billion pounds - the most powerful particle accelerator in history. As expected, this device will provide new information about the particles and forces operating in space, as well as to reproduce conditions similar to those which took place shortly after the big bang, led universe.

Professor Irina Aref'eva and Doctor of Sciences Igor Volovich behalf of the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow believe that the large-scale experiment in the CERN - European Centre for Particle Physics is located near the Swiss Geneva - could result in a first time machine in the world, said the magazine New Scientist.

Starting Collider, scheduled for early summer, could become a historic landmark because of travel time possible - if at all possible - only to the past, believing from the inception of the first time machine.

Thus, the year 2008 could be a "year zero" travel through time, the scientists argue.

The idea of time travel was born when a colleague of Albert Einstein Kurt Gödel using the theory of relativity proved principled movement in the past.

After his appearance in 1949 hypothesis renowned physicists often tried to refute the idea of this kind because of travel in time undermine the principle of causality and threaten the emergence of paradoxes: the time traveler can return to the past and kill their own grandfather, but then it will turn out that he himself had been unable to appear at the light.

Incidentally, it took 60 years and the fundamental objection, why travelers in time will not be able to leave the historians are not in business, no and no.

According to Russian scientists, which focus on energy BAC subatomnoy particle (in trillion times smaller mosquito), with cloth universe, which scientists call "space-time, strange things can happen - it is able to change the fabric.

Gravity bends low Earth space-time, and the BAC can distort time so that it locks in the ring. This phenomenon of physics called "closed vremenepodobnoy curve" - it allows, in theory at least, back in time.

This scheme has parallels with the theory proposed back in 1988. Then the professor Kip Thorne with colleagues from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena demonstrated that space-time tunnels - worm - could open the way to travel through time. This theory has become popular because of the Carl Sagan novel "Contact", which was later withdrawn by the film.

Professor and Doctor Aref'eva Wolowicz the view that the worm can create BAC and thus provide travel time. "We realized that vremenepodobnye closed curves and worm may emerge as a result of a collision of particles" - explains Professor Aref'eva.

Nevertheless, prior to the onset of imitators Doctor Who will have to overcome many obstacles. One of them - the fact that, through mini-worm will be able to pass only subatomnym particles.

As the Daily Telegraph correspondent researchers, the idea that subatomic particles journey through time in the BAC could open the door for people-travelers - "deep and interesting question." "And these problems and many others require further study" - stressed academics.

Perhaps, at most, what can we hope - is that the BAC will show signs of the existence of worm wholes, said Dr. Wolowicz. If a portion of energy in a collision BAC disappear, it can be explained by the creation of particles that time pierce through the worm.

One zagvozdok worm wholes in concept - an attempt to find exotic force, capable of supporting them open to travel through time.

Dark energy - antigravitatsionnaya mysterious force that is believed to be operating in the universe - can, in the view of scholars, be exactly that will help you maintain an open worm. At least, so supporters consider one of the interpretations of that phantom energy, as it is called.

If the collision of particles, together with phantom energy would allow this year to create a worm in Geneva, the future of civilization might know about it from the textbooks of history, to calculate the moment and with the help of advanced technology to cause us to visit.

"These observations have not excluded the possibility that phantom energy exists - said Robert Caldwell, a physicist from Dartmaus College in Hanover, New Hampshire. - Regarding speculation Arefevoy Volovicha and that the BAC will create a time machine - walk on them ! "

One of the leading scientists believe that in time travel is possible, Professor David Deutsch of the University of Oxford, said: "This is a hypothetical speculations, but to find fault with them essentially impossible. Nevertheless, I believe that this mechanism will not work for a variety of reasons (ie the way for messages from the future are not open), even if their assumptions are correct. "

Dr. Brian Cox of Manchester University adds: "Energy billion cosmic rays, which fall into the Earth's atmosphere over five billion years, surpass the energy, which can create a BAC. In their logic, time travelers must already be here. If the worm appear , I promise to eat his hat, which I gave birth on the day even before I got it. "



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