Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bund Tourist Tunnel - The Most Impressive Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai

Tourist Tunnel is perhaps the most interesting activities that can be found all over Shanghai. Its psychedelic light show will make you groan, but this is exactly what makes it so funny. Kids love it, adults quite puzzled his strangeness. Nevertheless, it remains the great way to get across the river from the Podung side to the Bund. The good thing is that it is very convenient, the entrance is right by the bund and it leaves you just a block away from the oriental pearl tower. The entrance can be a little difficult to find. On the West bank of the river at the northern end of the Bund, you will see a sign for him over the stairs that go under the street. On the eastern side of the river, you will find the tourist tunnel entrance in front of the entrance door to the convention center hotel (Riverside building shaped as a globe).
The two trip ticket is a lot cheaper than a one way. The ride goes slowly so you don't need to even sit down. The accompanying light show is part Disney, part psychedelic, complete with flashing strobes, blowing tinsel, and swirling hallucinogenic images projected on the concrete walls. The five-minute ride will make your head spin.