Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Giant Motorbike: The super-heavy 10-foot high Monster Motorbike

The super-heavy 10-foot tall motorbike can crush cars in first gear, though it has a 6-speed Allison automatic borrowed from a prime mover,powered by a "Detroit Diesel engine, just in case you need to clock up some highway kilometers.

It also uses a 2-speed Eaton differential from a road train to drive a massive chains on both sides of the spectacular rear wheel.

We're not sure if the Monster Motorbike is capable of popping wheelies and monos, but crushing Commodores is an impressive party trick.

Like the huge body and girder-like front swing-arms, the wheels on the Monster Motorbike are also larger than life. Normally used on Caterpillar's mining trucks prevalent in Western Australia, where they can cart around 300 tonnes of rubble, the wheels on the Monster Motorbike have custom rims finished in white, which adds greatly to the bike's aesthetic. As do the dripping blood decals.
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