Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hard to Read Tokyo Flash Watches

Barcode SS

The science-fiction inspired Barcode SS from the jaw-dropping designer, Tokyo Flash. The colors on this watch are big and bright, and super easy to see. The light-up function starts at 6 PM and goes up to 1 AM every minute; it is also activated when the time button is pressed between 1 AM to 6 PM. It might sound like a tricky way to tell time, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be the envy of all your friends.

To tell the time:
The 1st two columns show the hour.
In column 1 each light equals 5 hours, in column 2 each light equals 1 hour.
The 2nd 2 columns show the minutes.
In column 3 each light equals 10 mins, in column 4 each light equals 1 minute.

Futara Mugen

Around the outer edges are 60 segments, indicating 1 minute each. They are grouped in 10's so it's easy to tell the time at a glance. The inner spiral of blocks represent 1 hour each.
This is one of those watches that at first it seems impossible to tell the time, but once you understand how it works it's fairly simple. Within a few days of using it you can tell the time just as fast as a traditional wall clock.

Saishi Retsu IPB

A new version of the Retsu with a Gunmetal finish and stunning white LEDs! The Vertical display runs in line with the edge of the strap forming a smooth transition from one end to the other.
Amazingly simple to read, the lights race up to the digit then trail off leaving one light reconfirming the number. This is repeated for each digit to tell the time. So straight forward it's surprising no one has ever thought of it before.


With the threat of Alien Invasion growing ever closer & the distinct possibility that "they" are already here, it's about time we had a device to detect the humans from the humanoids. The Biohazard wrist scanner probes the immediate vicinity for Alien DNA & displays the results so that you may assess the threat level.

A press of the button sends the watch into scan mode and the various panels & readouts animate as if scanning the area for life forms. After a few seconds the results display the time, but the animation sequence can be skipped if desired with a second press of the button.
At the top of the screen the Red & White DNA helix is made of 12 bars to indicate the hour. At the bottom of the watch display the Blue blocks indicate 5 minutes each, while the Green blocks represent 1 minute. There are also indicators for AM/PM and seconds.

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