Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FlashlightDVR - Compact Digital Video Recorder in a portable flashlight.

The Swann FlashlightDVR™ is a heavy duty, real working flashlight that also allows you to record video and take photos during the day or at night. Featuring strong aluminum construction the FlashlightDVR™ can be used in varying weather conditions, day or night. The FlashlightDVR™ has 128MB of built-in memory and supports mini-SD cards up to 2GB for extra storage. The flashlight includes 3 levels of brightness to customize the intensity of light to the environment it is being used. The infrared sensors provide night vision up to 13ft (4m). This flexible monitoring solution is ideal for security applications where descreet video or image recording may be necessary. The FlashlightDVR™ is also ideal for leisure activities such as camping or fishing where a flashlight and camera are both needed. Easily view/store videos or photos on your computer using the FlashlightDVR’s USB port. The FlashlightDVR™ presents monitoring & recording concealed in a portable flashlight!
source Swann

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