Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stopping the Enemy in Its Tracks: Remote Non-lethal Immobilization of Vehicles and Boats

A compact tunable high-power electromagnetic system (HPEMS) for remotely immobilizing vehicles at a range of up to 100 m is being developed by small technology firm. The system is capable of high-value asset perimeter protection from approaching hostile vehicles, bringing cars to halt on urban, suburban roads and multi-lane highways, perimeter protection for gas-oil (fueling) platform at sea and day/night, all weather clandestine operations. The system uses microwave energy to disable vehicle’s electronic module/microprocessor that controls engine’s vital functions. Unlike other systems, HPEMS does not use physical contact nor it requires installation of fixed barriers on vehicle’s path. Host platforms include ground vehicle, helicopter or UAV. HPEMS can be used for stopping vehicles on highways and perimeter protection of gas-oil fueling platform from approaching boats at sea.
source Eureka Aerospace

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