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Another 4 unusual propeller-driven vehicles

Another 4 unusual propeller-driven vehicles

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Soviet Snowmobile Sever-2
The snowmobile Sever-2 (North 2) was developed in 1959 in Helicopter Design Office of N. I. Kamov. It was created from the legendary Soviet automobile Pobeda (Victory).
Firm skis and powerful aircraft engine AI-14 (260 horse-powers) made possible to move on snow or ice at a speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour. Sever-2 was able to function at extreme temperatures, about 40-50 degrees centigrade.
These snowmobiles delivered passengers and mail through the various areas of the Soviet Union, such as Siberia, the Far East and Kazakhstan. They also serviced settlements along the rivers Amur, Lena, Ob’ and Pechora.

This one has the common features with Sever-2. Unfortunately we don’t have any information about this vehicle. But it looks UAZ alike. And as it can be seen, it is able to move on the wheels or skis as well.

NKL-26 Snowmobile

The NKL-26 aerosled was intended for the transport of a crew of two persons- the vehicle commander who simultaneously fulfilled the function of gunner in a combat environment, and the mechanic-driver.
The hull of this aerosled was made of wood and fully enclosed. It had four independently suspended controllable skis. The frame was assembled from transverse ribs and longitudinal stringers covered in plywood.

ANT-IV Snowmobile

This vehicle had three skis, with the front ski used to steer. The driver, mechanic, and two passengers were seated in the body. Later models of the ANT-IV had an additional seating position in the body.

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