Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wooden Large Hadron Collider by N.Polissky

Wooden Large Hadron ColliderNikolay Polissky is the only land-artist in modern Russian Art. Starting 2000th he was creating most his works in the settlement Nikola Lenivets, Russia, four hours from Moscow. His art may be called Utopian, both in art and social sense. And moreover, this Utopia is materialized Utopia. In social determination, Polissky succeeded in reviving and depicting a semi-abandoned village, with help of Art turning it into a real cultural center (an international festival of landscape architecture “ArchStoyanie” has been passing here since 2003) and making its inhabitants real participants of a constructive process.

"Large Hadron Collider" is a work from a new project, made-up by Nikolay Polissky. Now the unpuddled mirror of people's conscience must reflect not classic inheritance of the World Architecture, but the latest scientific achievements. Strictly speaking, there was a work of this kind by Polissky – “Baykonur”, 2005: a huge installation consisting of models of rockets and launching systems entwined of twig. First exhibited in the yard of the Tretyakov’s gallery during the First Moscow Biennale of Modern Art, this installation was then transferred to Nikola Lenivets, where later it was burnt in the course of traditional Shrovetide fest. It was already there when science could have been read through prism of ritual and magic. Flame made the interlink between space rockets and their twigged copies. And the outflow to extraterrestrial space turned into burning bringing to memory funeral pyres that provide the dead to pass to the afterworld.

The "Hadron Collider" by Polissky and his co-authors, first of all interests with that half-mystical aureole mantling modern science. Contemporary scientists for Polissky are kind of oracles, privy to secrets of universe hidden for ordinary people, and maybe even capable to influence forces ruling the world. And that is not that far from truth: few of us can really explain how the Large Hadron Collider is constructed and what purposes it serves. Scientific world view, same as magical or religious world view may only be taken for granted. The "Large Hadron Collider" by Polissky and co-authors is a simulated implementation of that very machine, from which God may emerge.

Wooden Large Hadron Collider Wooden Large Hadron Collider Wooden Large Hadron Collider

Wooden Large Hadron Collider Wooden Large Hadron Collider Wooden Large Hadron Collider

Large Hadron Collider by N.Polissky from Ivan Polissky on Vimeo.


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