Friday, April 6, 2007

Ontario Coalition Against Discourtesy


Torontoist reader Brandon Teed sent us the above photo and asks:

I was walking to class the other day on University just south of College when I saw this sign. I ended up thinking about it all lecture and on the way home had to snap this picture. My question is, what's the deal with this sign? It seemed pretty proper and not any 'random protesting tactic sign.' Do you know any info behind it? Was is OCAP? Or was the City involved somehow? It has me wondering and pondering.
We've also received word of an identical sign by the park at Church and Queen, as well as one at Dundas Square that admonishes, "Please keep our streets clean: Over 818 people have to sleep on them."

This casts doubt on OCAP or the TDRC being behind the signs, as 818 was among the disputed figures that resulted from the City's Street Needs Assessment (i.e. The Great Homeless Count). And we're pretty confident it wasn't the City, even though the quiet and cleanliness would surely make their tallying easier.

Can any Torontoist readers help us out?

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