Thursday, March 29, 2007

Best Anti Balistic Missiles Of The World

The Pentagon says its Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) is the world’s “most advanced, capable and powerful’’ terminal air defence missile system. Pure hogwash, retorts Russia, brandishing its own S-300 PMU2 (Antey-2500) system.

The perfecting tactical and operative - tactical of ballistic missiles, including magnification of distance of their shooting, has required qualitative increase of performances of zenith rocket systems (AirDefence) of a defense (A). Today about 30 countries have unstrategic ballistic missiles of various distance of an operation. To such ballistic missiles concern "Atamks", "Ades", "Dunfen-3", "Dunfen-15", "Dunfen", "Skad-S", "Pershing", "Ierihon-2" and other. In a number of the states the programs on production and acceptance on arms of rocket systems of average distance of an operation capable will be realized(sold) to decide operative - strategically problems.

The creation of a russian system "Antey-2500" just also was called(caused) by such tendency of development of means of an attack. As has shown experience of war in the Persian gulf the selected direction has appeared duly and correct. The Americans were compelled to attend to perfecting of the system already upon termination of battle(dashing) operations in a Gulf. This work and now is even far from completion.

Mobile universal antimissile and anti-aircraft the system "Antey-2500" concerns to a new generation of systems antimissile and anti-aircraft of a defense. It is intended for a defense of the important state, military and industrial objects, groupings army from impacts of ballistic and aerodynamic means of an air attack. "Antey-2500" - unique in the world a universal remedy A and airdefence, capable effectively to struggle as with ballistic missiles with distances of start-up up to 2500 km, and with all kinds of the aerodynamic and aeroballistic purposes.

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